Client Testimonials


'Claudia’s programme concepts were not only exceptional from a creative point of view, but she had also covered every detail of the format and production. It was clear that her ideas, which would translate into interesting and eminently marketable television, had been thought through and planned for. Claudia is also a consummate professional as a presenter and has a personality that leaps out of the screen. The camera loves her! Impressive.' 

Allan King, CEO of Group K Broadcasting Ltd, Ex-CEO GBC & Ex-Sky news anchor


'Claudia's positive disposition and her professionalism both in front of and off camera makes her a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, particularly with regard to script preparation and presenting means that you can be assured of a quality outcome!'

Ryan Nicols, Director/Owner of Ceres Productions


'Ocean Clinic worked with Claudia Peifer and her team on various occasions producing video trailers and a corporate video for our clinic. The collaboration has been excellent, Claudia did a great job in presenting the videos and guiding the viewer through our premises in two languages, being English and German. Work was without delay and we are very happy with the final results.'

 Dr. Kai Kaye, Medical Director at Ocean Clinic


'I've known Claudia professionally for years and throughout all this time we have been able to produce great work in front of the camera, but also behind the lens! Because of her designer background, Claudia has let her talent and ability for styling and outfit creation shine through on many occasions - best of all: always coupled with a laugh!'

Jutta Klee, photographer


‘I have benefited from Claudia's professionalism and attention to detail on three separate projects over 5 years and with each production she has raised the bar! This has allowed my content to set the standards within my industry with others keen to try and catch up! Our clients have found the productions extremely informative and easy to watch and they often comment on the new shows. We also decided to film the last batch with a view to using them online for social media and Claudia's direction on this was extremely helpful and insightful.‘

Dr. Ravi Jain, Medical Director at Riverbanks Clinic


‘Thank you for your professionalism in front of camera, particularly when things didn’t go to plan!'

JC Morton, ONtv channels


‘Having worked with Claudia on several occasions, covering concerts and gigs in Spain for independent productions, we’ve always managed to have a good laugh as well! She gets the job done, no matter how, when or where and that’s a great thing to be able to rely on, particularly here in Spain.’

Bob Stevens, independent camera operator


‘Que personalidad la chica tiene! Un talento muy original como modelo así como estilista. Me gusta mucho trabajar con ella!’

Sandro Gaseni, photographer


‘Una chica completamente loca, super guapa con cara preciosa…'

Esther Montero Ramirez, Make-up artist


'Claudia has proven invaluable and quickly adapatable in front of camera, presenting our first ever foreign language programmes in English and in German, but has also been great recording VO’s for adverts on our channel for all sorts of businesses, from hotels to hire car companies. Great having had her as part of the news team - gracias, guapa!' 

Ariel Pumares, Head of Production, Estival Televisión


‘It has taken us just under two years to find the right presenter for this news programme idea we had, aimed at foreign residents on the Costa del Sol. For it to go out not only in English, but also in German, was an added advantage! Claudia presented and translated the whole show for us from Spanish into the relevant foreign language, like a one-stop-service. This saved time and helped us overcome the problems of translation. It was great working with her, she brought something different to the news team.'

Tábata Gonzalez, Managing Director at Estival Televisión